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Welcome to Burley White & Co

Our mission is to guide businesses to sustainable growth by drawing on our experience, disciplines and collective executive capability.  We aim to achieve this by assisting business owners, directors & executives in executing their strategic agenda.

Our clients are entities that are confronted with temporary challenges, are outgrowing their current capability or simply wish to improve performance to generate profitable growth.

Our expertise is broad based and is adaptable across a broad industry spectrum.

We provide access to a powerful combination of  ‘road tested’ expertise, our proven executive disciplines, our deeply experienced people and our extensive network of partners and their capability.

Grant Burley

Grant Burley


Stuart White

We first worked together in 1991 and immediately identified that we  loved the excitement and the challenges that business brings. That hasn’t changed in 25 years !

After many years of fixing, owning and running business units and enterprise ourselves, we can assist others do the same. This allows us to continue our involvement solving complex business challenges.

We repeatedly found that when we worked together ‘1 + 1 = 5’. So we are both actively involved in each assignment. This ensures the widest possible combination of insight and capability.

Our quest is to enable businesses and executives / owners to realise their goals !

Our Approach

We believe every challenge provides an opportunity. One must actively seek those opportunities to exploit.

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Our Team

We also acknowledge  we do not know everything and cannot do everything. We have assembled a broad range of specialists who we  call on as required. Each own and run successful businesses.

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Executive Expertise

You can access our executive expertise for advice, coaching or even to fill C-suite roles temporarily.

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Negotiation & Deal Making

Negotiation is  an art form and a science that we have learned to combine through the hundreds of negotiations we have performed over our careers.  We can negotiate for you or simply advise you.

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Corporate Health Checks

Is your business achieving all of its goals?  We undertake rapid Corporate Health checks in order to pin-point critical non-performing areas, set out corrective measures  options to achieve full health and guide implementation.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

We have seen and negotiated deals from both sides of the table, for enterprises and for small businesses.  We can bring this broad experience to assist in positioning your business to acquire or to be acquired.

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Strategic Execution

Life is full of people with a good idea, but failed to execute. We’ve learned from the masters over our careers, we’ve honed our skills via trial and error and now we can assist you avoid the pitfalls.

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Start Ups

The start-up phase of any business is a period of great risk and stress more often than not, counter-balanced by the tremendous satisfaction that comes from seeing your idea flourish and your business begin to grow.  We know, we have been there too!

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